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We don’t need sales people until and unless they make us money. Any D2C brand run ads for customers and also does SEO for ranking itself locally for their own specialized brands. 

Why do they do all these things ?  – Simply because they need customers to buy the products. 

Have any of my clients taken my services without talking to me or my team ? – It is a straight No

Because people need a conversation to buy your products or services most of the time. It looks very ridiculous to hire many salespersons for selling a T-shirt or a customized Mug. 

So, here is where technology comes into the picture. WhatsApp Chatbot makes multiple conversations that would eventually help your customers to get directed towards a sale. 

Installing WhatsApp chatbot helps you interact with your abandoned cart customers or attract your existing customers for one more purchase by calling up them for a sale. It saves your time, efforts and money.

Zobo WhatsApp Chatbot is the licensed Cloud-based marketing platform for WhatsApp. It supports WhatsApp Newsletter & automates communication through & Bulk Messaging. A Simple, Smart & Proven way to boost your sales.

24×7 Online ChatBot

ChatBot allows quicker response time to customer queries and faster resolutions. 24×7 Instance Chatbot Availability.

No Need to keep mobile data ON

This software use WhatsApp Beta, where No need to keep connected your phone with software.

No Charge per message.

Send Unlimited WhatsApp messages. There is no charge per message.

Auto Responders

The great way for businesses to fulfill customer support expectations of receiving a prompt response for their chat.

Call to Action Button

Best practice for an effective marketing campaign, direct your customer to your landing pages, Call, Payment gateway, WhatsApp Catalogue.

Multiple Accounts

Use multiple accounts to create campaigns and manage different businesses for a better approach.

WhatsApp Bulk Sender

Send Campaigns to Non Contacts. Send Bulk messages campaign to clients.

No Ban Issue

99 % NO WhatsApp Number banning issue

Respond to customers with personalised conversations in real-time using conversational AI chatbot for WhatsApp. Be available for your customers 24×7.

Support customers 24×7

Support your customers on a platform they spend the most time on. Set up quick replies, use templates for auto-replies and improve agent productivity with a chatbot for WhatsApp.

Notify Important Updates

Proactively share updates, reminders and other notifications to segmented uses for specific targeting. Use WhatsApp chatbot to collect feedback, send event invites and upsell your services.

Appointment Booking

Chatbot that helps you manage and schedule appointments on Whatsapp. Save your precious time by delegating the tedious task to WhatsApp Chat bot.

Sell Products & Services

Best practice for an effective marketing campaign, direct your customer to your landing pages, Payment gateway, WhatsApp Catalogue. e-commerce chatbots help customers view the entire product catalog from their WhatsApp.

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